A domain specific language for the description and the simulation of systems of interacting systems

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Systems of technological networks (so-called Critical Infrastructures) might undergo strong perturbations leading to the reduction of their functionalities (crisis scenarios). Under perturbed conditions, infrastructures deliver their specific services in a range from a partial reduction up to a complete loss. Systems of complex technological networks (electrical, telecommunications, roads and railways, oil, gas and water pipelines etc.) are known to display large interdependences (a fault on one system spreads over the others); for this reason, it is relevant to devise simulators and decision support systems able to capture the complexity of such a "system of systems". The paper presents parts of the outcomes of a larger scientific project aiming at realizing a Decision Support System to predict the occurrence of undesired events and their consequences. In particular, we present a conceptual modeling approach consisting of a declarative language and a software implementation for the description and simulation of elements of Crisis Scenarios. The software application is conceived for risk managers, i.e. operators with a deep knowledge of critical infrastructure scenarios, but not necessarily with high-level IT or mathematical skill. © 2012 World Scientific Publishing Company.
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JournalAdvances in Complex Systems
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