A new chemical sensing material for ethanol detection: Graphene-like film

B. Alfano, M. Alfè, V. Gargiulo, T. Polichetti, E. Massera, M.L. Miglietta, G. Di Francia

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The development of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sensor, operating at room temperature (RT), is a challenge for the research community. In this framework, we present a device based on a graphene-like (GL) material suitably tested as sensing layer for the ethanol detection. GL material was obtained through a two steps oxidation/reduction method starting from a nanostructured carbon black. GL material combines a defect-free basal plane graphenic structure with the presence of oxygen functional groups, mainly carboxylic, located on the layer edges. A GL-based device was realized and investigated for the detection of ethanol. The experiments were performed under atmospheric pressure, in a dry air and at RT. Results showed that GL material is a promising candidate for the detection of low concentration of ethanol at RT.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Event3rd National Conference on Sensors, 2016 - Rome, Italy
Duration: 1 Jan 2018 → …


Conference3rd National Conference on Sensors, 2016
Period1/1/18 → …


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  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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