A real-time data acquisition and elaboration system for instabilities control in the FTU tokamak

E. Alessi, L. Boncagni, C. Galperti, C. Marchetto, S. Nowak, C. Sozzi, G. Apruzzese, W. Bin, F. Belli, A. Botrugno, A. Bruschi, S. Cirant, G. Dantona, M. Davoudi, L. Figini, R. Ferrero, L. Gabellieri, S. Garavaglia, G. Granucci, A. GrossoE. Lazzaro, A. Moro, V. Mellera, D. Minelli, M. Panella, V. Piergotti, P. Platania, G. Ramogida, G. Rocchi, A. Sibio, B. Tilia, O. Tudisco

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A real-time data acquisition and elaboration system is being implemented to control the new ECH launcher recently installed at FTU (Frascati Tokamak Upgrade). The system is aimed at controlling different kinds of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, in particular the deleterious 3/2 and 2/1 (neoclassical) tearing modes, (N)TM, and the saw teeth period in order to prevent the seeding of NTMs. The complete system is presented here together with preliminary offline and real-time tests. © 2001 Elsevier Science. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)186 - 188
Number of pages3
JournalNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes


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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Instrumentation

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