A simple formula to predict approximate initial contamination of lake water following a pulse deposition of radionuclide

L. Monte

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The objective of this note is to suggest a simple approximate mathematical formula to predict the initial con-tamination of lakes following a single pulse of radionuclide deposition on the lake water surface. To estimate the initial concentration of137Cs in lake water averaged over a period of few weeks, the following expression was suggested: Cw = D/(h+h∆), where D is the radionuclide deposition, h is the average depth of the lake and hDis a parameter depending on the sediment characteristics. Using a generic value of h∆= 6 m, the above formula was successfully applied to some European lakes contaminated following the Chernobyl accident. © 1995 Health Physics Society Pergamon Press plc.
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JournalHealth Physics
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