A synthesis of LiFePO4 starting from FePO4 under reducing atmosphere

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A fast and easy way to produce LiFePO4 starting from FePO4, used as iron and phosphorus source, is proposed. 5% hydrogen is employed as a reducing agent and various compounds containing lithium as lithiation agents. The selected lithiation agents included: LiCl, CH3COOLi, LiOH, Li2S, LiH, and Li2CO3. Solid state synthesis is used for the LiFePO 4 preparation and the so obtained materials are structurally characterized by XRD. The materials are used to fabricate composite electrode and their specific capacity is evaluated by low rate galvanostatic charge/discharge cycles (C/10 rate). Among the various lithium salts, the acetate give rise to the LiFePO4 with the best electrochemical performance. The morphology of this material is further investigated by SEM microscopy and the specific capacity is evaluated as a function of the discharge rate and the cycle number. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventNANOFORUM 2013 - , Italy
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ConferenceNANOFORUM 2013
Period1/1/14 → …


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