An innovative test platform for hydrogen production and zero emission power generation from coal

A. Calabrò, P. Deiana, P. Fiorini, S. Stendardo, G. Girardi

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The ZECOMIX project, conceived by ENEA in the framework of Italian National Hydrogen Project, is aimed at studying an integrated process that produces both hydrogen and electricity from coal, with zero emissions and very high efficiency. The key element is the integration of a gasification process, characterized by coal hydrogasification technology and carbon dioxide sequestration, with the power island, where an oxycombustion occurs. Many optimization analysis and simulations have been carried out demonstrating the possibility to achieve very high net efficiencies (higher than 50% LHV) and very low (quasi-zero) emissions. The project schedule consists of the design, already started, the construction and the operation of an experimental facility finalized to demonstrate the feasibility of the described reference process. The facility will be realized in the ENEA Research Center of Casaccia, near Rome. It consists of a very flexible plant, in which more components can be tested separately or connected together. The plant is provided with a 50 kg/h coal atmospheric fluid bed gasifier, a fluid bed decarbonator/calcinator reactor filled with calcium oxide pellets, a pressurized hydrogasifier reactor characterized by a pressure variable from 30 to 100 bar, a 100 kWe microturbine test bench, with the combustor chamber modified because of decarbonized syngas fuelling and finally an oxygen/hydrogen combustor test bench, for experimental activities about the definition of stability limits, operative conditions (dilution, temperature pattern, chemicals) and combustion control. Other auxiliary components are mixing station for hydrogenbased syngas production, and an ordinary steam generator. The first part of the research project is aimed at testing the single component, in particular the main preliminary design criteria adopted for hydrogasification reactor and carbonator reactor are presented in this paper. The second part of the Project is focused on the integration of the different processes: syngas production by coal gasification and its following decarbonization and utilization in microturbine combustion chamber. The activities will be distributed in the next three years and involve ENEA, Ansaldo Ricerche and the most important Italian Universities.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2006
Event16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2006, WHEC 2006 - , France
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Conference16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2006, WHEC 2006
Period1/1/06 → …


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Calabrò, A., Deiana, P., Fiorini, P., Stendardo, S., & Girardi, G. (2006). An innovative test platform for hydrogen production and zero emission power generation from coal. Paper presented at 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2006, WHEC 2006, France.