Assembly of ITER blanket module to vacuum vessel experimental investigations

L.P. Jones, Ph. Alfilé, C. Antonucci, A. Cardella, C. Dupuy, W. Daenner, F. Elio, D. Maisonnier, A. Pizzuto, T. Schmeskal

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The ITER modules are connected to the vacuum vessel wall mechanically, electrically and hydraulically in a way suitable for remote handling with access from the frontside only. In order to validate the design and operation of the attachment systems for the 1998 ITER design, EFDA directed three Associations (ENEA, Brasimone, (ÖAW Seibersdorf and CEA, Arceuil) in tasks including process investigations and the design, procurement and testing of three ITER-representative mock-ups. ENEA, Brasimone procured and provides the site for the largest rig, the Blanket Module Carrier, which provides 6-axis movements of a 4 ton module mock-up to simulate the mounting of a typical ITER module to a vertical wall. ÖAW Seibersdorf designed an ITER remote-handling-compatible, water-hydraulically-operated bolting tool, which ENEA, Brasimone procured and used in a test programme. CEA, Arceuil developed and tested a special bore tool using a NdYAG laser for cutting and welding the hydraulic connectors. The overall programme demonstrated the concept viability and highlighted problem areas of the assembly procedure of the blanket module-to-wall attachment. Aspects of the work still require further attention to refine and finally validate the techniques especially with regard to the ITER-FEAT design. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)567 - 571
Number of pages5
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2001
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Jones, L. P., Alfilé, P., Antonucci, C., Cardella, A., Dupuy, C., Daenner, W., ... Schmeskal, T. (2001). Assembly of ITER blanket module to vacuum vessel experimental investigations. Fusion Engineering and Design, 58-59, 567 - 571.