Assessment of activated corrosion products for the DEMO WCLL

Luigi Di Pace, Lina Quintieri

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This paper deals with the assessment of the activated corrosion products (ACPs) for the First Wall water-cooled loop of the DEMO WCLL reactor. The aim was devoted to scan some operating parameters, not yet frozen, which eventually proved to be very important, such as the coolant temperature during plasma dwell, materials for the Steam Generator piping, or more in general to demonstrate the need to be adherent in the ACPs assessment to the real operative conditions. The Pulsed Scenario, simulating more closely the cooling system operation, provided lower ACPs mass and activity inventories. For the Pulsed Scenario, two different dwell temperatures were considered, 150 °C and 250 °C; the second one showed very low ACP mass and activity inventories. It was also investigated the influence, in the case of Continuous Scenario, of the Steam Generator piping material; Inconel 600, as the case of PWRs, instead of SS316 L(N)-IG.
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2018
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