Benchmark experiment for the validation of shut down activation and dose rate in a fusion devic

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A neutronics experiment has been performed at the 14 MeV Frascati Neutron Generator (FNG) and using a proper experimental set-up, with the objective to validate the calculations of shut down dose rate outside the ITER vacuum vessel. In the experiment, a shield mock up was irradiated for sufficiently long time that the level of induced activation was followed after shut down by dosemeters for a cooling time as required for allowing personal access. The measurements were analysed, using a rigorous, standard two-step method (MCNP transport /FISPACT inventory codes), and a new one-step method with an ad hoc modified version of MCNP code, developed within the ITER Project to provide a more straightforward tool for dose rate analysis outside the vessel. The results of the experiment are presented together with the analysis performed with both approaches and with different nuclear data. © 2014 Atomic Energy Society of Japan. All Rights Reserved.
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JournalJournal of Nuclear Science and Technology
Publication statusPublished - 2002
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