Calibration of the neutron profile monitor diagnostic at Joint European Torus (JET) by means of the Monte Carlo code for neutron- and photon-transport MCNP

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The neutron profile monitor diagnostic at JET consists of two neutron cameras viewing 19 different chords of the plasma through 10 horizontal and 9 vertical collimators. At the end of each collimator, a detector system using liquid scintillators records the neutrons coming from the subtended solid angle. To obtain absolute measurements of the plasma neutron emission, the system has to be calibrated taking into account the neutron transport in the materials constituting the profile monitors. The Monte Carlo code MCNP has been employed to simulate the transport through the cameras, to calculate the corrections to the simple optical model, due to transmission, cross talk, scattering and absorption of neutrons. The result of the simulation has led to correction factors that, depending on the position and the width of the channel considered and on the neutron source energy (2.45 or 14 MeV), can be as large as 20% in a diagnostic which is now calibrated to a few percent.
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Publication statusPublished - 1995
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EventInternationl Conference on Neutrons and Their Applications - , Unknown
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ConferenceInternationl Conference on Neutrons and Their Applications
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