Characterisation of a personal TL photon dosemeter based on two LiF(Mg, Cu, P) detectors in terms of H(p)(0.07, α) and H(p)(10, α)

E. Fantuzzi, F. Monteventi, I. Sermenghi, G. Uleri

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A study was undertaken to evaluate the response of the ENEA Photon Personal Dosemeter, slightly modified in design, in terms of H(p)(0.07, α) and H(p)(10, α). A filtration of 20 and 270 for the two LiF(Mg, Cu, P) detectors employed was adapted according to a preliminary analytical simulation. The new dosemeter can measure both H(p)(0.07, α) with a maximum uncertainty of ± 4% in the range from 10 to 200 keV and H(p)(10, α) with a maximum uncertainty of ± 15% in the range from 10 keV to 1.25 MeV, using the detector responses together with a correction function with respect to their ratio. Moreover, tests were performed to evaluate the dosemeter angular response (0°, 20°, 40°and 60°) obtaining good results according to international recommendations. All irradiation tests were performed at SSL of ENEA Institute for Radiation Protection in Bologna using the ISO water phantom (30 x 30 x 15 cm3) and standard ISO filtered X ray beams as well as137Cs and60Co sources. This work represents a preliminary type test of the ENEA photon personal dosemeter and allows its introduction in routine dosimetry practice in accordance with the ICRU reference quantities.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)179 - 182
Number of pages4
JournalRadiation Protection Dosimetry
Issue number1-4
Publication statusPublished - 1999
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