Characterisation of neutron generators and monitoring detectors for the in-vessel calibration of JET

Z. Ghani, S. Popovichev, P. Batistoni, L.W. Packer, A. Milocco, A. Cufar, D.J. Thomas, N.J. Roberts, L. Snoj, S. Jednorog, E. Laszynska

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A calibration of the JET neutron detectors was carried out prior to the upcoming deuterium-tritium experimental campaign. Two Compact DT neutron generators (NGs) were purchased for this purpose from VNIIA, Russia. These generators are capable of producing approximately 2 × 108neutrons/s with a DT fusion energy spectrum. Preceding the in-vessel calibration measurements, these compact generators were tested and fully characterised at the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL). In order to support the characterisation measurements, detailed neutronics models were developed of the NGs, monitoring detectors and remote handling (RH) apparatus. Neutron spectra calculated from these models have been used to help determine NPL long counter efficiencies and effective centres, as well as NPL reference iron and aluminium activation foil reaction rates. The neutron emission rate has been measured for both generators as a function of angle using absolutely calibrated long counters and the relative emission rate by monitoring single crystal diamond detectors. The measured anisotropy profile is shown to be reproducible with a detailed NG MCNP model. Consequently, the neutron source routine and the MCNP model of the NGs can be reliably used for the analysis of the in-vessel calibration at JET.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2018
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Ghani, Z., Popovichev, S., Batistoni, P., Packer, L. W., Milocco, A., Cufar, A., Thomas, D. J., Roberts, N. J., Snoj, L., Jednorog, S., & Laszynska, E. (Accepted/In press). Characterisation of neutron generators and monitoring detectors for the in-vessel calibration of JET. Fusion Engineering and Design, -.