Characteristics of plasma heating by short-wavelength excimer laser radiation

A.Ya. Faenov, A.I. Magunov, T.A. Pikuz, I.Yu. Skobelev, S.A. Pikuz, S. Bollanti, P. Di Lazzaro, N. Lizi, F. Flora, T. Letardi, L. Palladino, A. Reale, A. Scafati, A. Grilli, D. Batani, A. Mauri, A. Osterheld, W.H. Goldstein

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Various x-ray spectroscopic methods were used to investigate a plasma generated by the interaction of short-wavelength excimer laser radiation pulses (12 ns, 0.308 μm, 4 × 1012W cm-2) with flat targets. A comparison of the profiles and intensities of a number of observed spectral lines of the H-like, He-like, and Li-like sodium, magnesium, and aluminium ions with the results of the reported calculations made it possible to determine the spatial distributions of the laser plasma parameters up to distances of ∼0.4 mm from the target surface. These parameters were compared with the predictions of a simple theoretical model of the absorption of short-wavelength radiation in a plasma. This showed that the absorption of such radiation (with the intensities used in this investigation) involved inverse bremsstrahlung in regions with an electron density much lower than the critical value.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)700 - 705
Number of pages6
JournalQuantum Electronics
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1996
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Faenov, A. Y., Magunov, A. I., Pikuz, T. A., Skobelev, I. Y., Pikuz, S. A., Bollanti, S., ... Goldstein, W. H. (1996). Characteristics of plasma heating by short-wavelength excimer laser radiation. Quantum Electronics, 26(8), 700 - 705.