Characterization of a thermal neutron beam monitor based on gas electron multiplier technology

Gabriele Croci, Carlo Cazzaniga, Gerardo Claps, Marco Tardocchi, Marica Rebai, Fabrizio Murtas, Espedito Vassallo, Roberto Caniello, Enrico Perelli Cippo, Giovanni Grosso, Valentino Rigato, Giuseppe Gorini

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Research into valid alternatives to 3He detectors is fundamental to the affordability of new neutron spallation sources like the European Spallation Source (ESS). In the case of ESS it is also essential to develop high-rate detectors that can fully exploit the increase of neutron flux relative to present neutron sources. One of the technologies fulfilling these requirements is the gas electron multiplier (GEM), since it can combine a high rate capability (MHz/mm2), a coverage area up to 1m2 and a space resolution better than 0.5 mm. Its use as a neutron detector requires conversion of neutrons into charged particles. This paper describes the realization and characterization of a thermal neutron GEM-based beam monitor equipped with a cathode containing 10B for neutron conversion. This device is constituted by a triple GEM detector whose cathode is made of an aluminum sheet covered by a 1μm thick natB4C layer. The method used to realize a long-lasting natB4C layer is described and the properties of such a layer have been determined. The detector performances (measured on the ISIS-VESUVIO beam line) in terms of beam profile reconstruction, imaging, and measurement of the thermal neutron beam energy spectrum are compatible with those obtained by standard beam monitors. © The Author(s) 2014.
Original languageEnglish
Article number083H01
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JournalProgress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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Croci, G., Cazzaniga, C., Claps, G., Tardocchi, M., Rebai, M., Murtas, F., ... Gorini, G. (2014). Characterization of a thermal neutron beam monitor based on gas electron multiplier technology. Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2014(8), -. [083H01].