Collection and analysis of component failure data from jet systems: Neutral beam injectors and power supply

T. Pinna, G. Cambi, F. Gravanti

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The objective of this ongoing activity is to develop a fusion specific component failure database with data coming from operating experiences gained in various fusion laboratories. The activity began in 2001 with the study of the Joint European Torus (JET) Vacuum and Active Gas Handling Systems. Two years later the neutral beam injectors (NBI) and the power supply (PS) systems were considered and since last year the ion cyclotron resonant heating system is under evaluation. The number of failures/malfunctions that have occurred during the years of operations, failure modes and, where possible, causes and consequences of the failures were identified, as well as the sets of components under analysis. Components were classified and counted in order to determine component counts by type of component, related total operating hours and related demands to operate (for components operating in an intermittent manner). Main reliability parameters (such as the failure rate and corresponding standard errors and confidence intervals) for the component types were also estimated. In this paper the NBI and PS results are presented. © 2007 IAEA, Vienna.
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Article numberS07
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JournalNuclear Fusion
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2007
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