Completion of ENEA's casing procurement forJT-60SA toroidal field coils

Paolo Rossi, Antonio Cucchiaro, Gian Mario Polli, Mariantonietta Gabriele, Massimiliano Tacconelli, Guido Cipollone, Enrico Di Pietro, Valerio Tomarchio, Sam Davis

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In the framework of the Broader Approach program, ENEA is in charge of supplying the Toroidal Field (TF) coil casings for JT-60SA tokamak. ENEA commissioned the manufacture of the full set of eighteen casings for the integration of the TF coils plus two additional spare casings to the company Walter Tosto (WT, Chieti, Italy). The main casing components are one outboard straight leg, an outboard curved leg and three inboard covers. The preliminary design of the casing components has been coordinated by Fusion for Energy (F4E) and the following detail design has been finalized involving the industrial companies in charge of the subsequent integration of the coils. The principal milestones of the five year contract are here summarized. The contract started in 2012 with the realization of two sets of mock-ups representative of the principal casings cross sections of the two legs. In 2013 detail design of the casing components was completed; qualifications of special manufacturing processes were performed and manufacturing procedures were defined. Casing manufacturing activities started in 2014. Seven casings were manufactured during 2015, other seven casings in 2016 and the last four casings were delivered in the first quarter of 2017. The full procurement was then completed with the fabrication of two additional casings in July 2017. This paper provides an overview of the casing procurement describing the production process and manufacturing improvements, reporting the satisfactory acceptance results confirmed by the subsequent proper integration of the superconducting TF coils.
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2018
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