Decomposition of H

Sergio Brutti, Giovanni De Maria, Giovanni Cerri, Ambra Giovannelli, Bruno Brunetti, Patrizia Cafarelli, Elvio Semprin, Vincenzo Barbarossa, Antonio Ceroli

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The sulfur-iodine cycle is one of the most promising thermochemical cycles for hydrogen production. Its coupling with a solar energy primary source is a great challenge to achieve efficient and economically competitive H 2 production. Within this cycle, the decomposition of sulfuric acid plays a key role, with this process being the most energy-demanding reaction step. In this paper, a combined computational and experimental study of the decomposition at high temperature of H 2SO 4 to SO 2 is presented. The scope of this paper is to present new information and data about the experimental high-temperature decomposition of sulfuric acid carried out ina solar reactor in view of a possible industrial exploitation of this reaction. Starting from a new complete thermodynamic modeling of the process, carried out by investigating the effect of the pressure and the temperature on the SO 2 conversion rates, the study of the high-temperature decomposition of H 2SO 4 by direct solar radiation using a Fe 2O 3-based catalyst was carried out for the first time. The modeling and experimental results obtained are discussed together with the available literature. In summary, SO 2 conversion yields close to thermodynamic predictions were obtained in the temperature range 1050-1200 K at a starting sulfuric acid partial pressure of p = 0.61 bar. © 2007 American Chemical Society.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6393 - 6400
Number of pages8
JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - 26 Sep 2007


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Brutti, S., De Maria, G., Cerri, G., Giovannelli, A., Brunetti, B., Cafarelli, P., ... Ceroli, A. (2007). Decomposition of H. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 46(20), 6393 - 6400.