Design and R&D for manufacturing the beamline components of MITICA and ITER HNBs

M. Dalla Palma, E. Sartori, P. Blatchford, B. Chuilon, J. Graceffa, S. Hanke, C. Hardie, A. Masiello, A. Muraro, S. Ochoa, D. Shah, P. Veltri, P. Zaccaria, M. Zaupa

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The design of the beamline components of MITICA, the full prototype of the ITER heating neutral beam injectors, is almost finalised and technical specifications for the procurement are under preparation. These components are the gas neutraliser, the electrostatic residual ion dump, and the calorimeter. Electron dump panels are foreseen each side of the upstream end of the neutraliser to protect the cryo-panels from electrons, created by stripping and other processes, that exit the 1 MeV accelerator. As the design of the components must fulfil requirements on the beam physics, insight on physical processes is required to identify performance trade-offs and constraints. The spatial gas distribution was simulated to verify the pumping requirements with electron dump panels and local conditions for breakdown voltage. Electrostatic analyses were carried out for the insulating elements of the RID to verify the limits of the electric field intensity. Different criteria were approached to investigate the fracture behaviour of ceramics considering the manufacturing implications and extrapolating the conditions for proof testing. Severe heating conditions will be applied steadily, as the maximum pulse duration is 1 h, and cyclically so requiring to fulfil fatigue and ratcheting verifications. High heat fluxes, up to 13 MW/m2 on the calorimeter, with enhanced heat transfer in subcooled boiling conditions will occur in the actively cooled CuCr1Zr panel elements provided with twisted tapes as turbulence promoters. Special R&D activities were undertaken to support the design: manufacturing of thick twisted tapes leading to an increased cooling performance while maintaining flow rate requirements, bending of swirl tubes, verification for permanent deformations due to stress relaxation after heating of swirl tubes, double side deep drilling of 2 m long CuCr1Zr plates.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)557 - 562
Number of pages6
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2015
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Dalla Palma, M., Sartori, E., Blatchford, P., Chuilon, B., Graceffa, J., Hanke, S., ... Zaupa, M. (2015). Design and R&D for manufacturing the beamline components of MITICA and ITER HNBs. Fusion Engineering and Design, 96-97, 557 - 562.