Design concepts of machine upgrades for the RFX-mod experiment

Simone Peruzzo, Matteo Agostini, Piero Agostinetti, Marco Bernardi, Paolo Bettini, Tommaso Bolzonella, Alessandra Canton, Lorella Carraro, Roberto Cavazzana, Samuele Dal Bello, Mauro Dalla Palma, Gianluca De Masi, Rita Delogu, Alessandro Fassina, Luca Grando, Paolo Innocente, Giuseppe Marchiori, Nicolò Marconato, Lionello Marrelli, Nisarg PatelMaria Ester Puiatti, Paolo Scarin, Marco Siragusa, Piergiorgio Sonato, Monica Spolaore, Lauro Trevisan, Marco Valisa, Matteo Vallar, Pietro Vincenzi, Andrea Zamengo, Paolo Zanca, Loris Zanotto

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After 10 years of operation since its major modification, an upgrade of the RFX-mod experiment is presently under design. The scientific objective is the improvement of 3D physics studies through a more robust transition to higher confinement regimes in both Reversed Field Pinch (RFP) and Tokamak configuration obtained thanks to an advanced system for the active control of MHD instabilities. The main design driver requirements for this machine upgrade are the removal of the present resistive vacuum vessel and the enhancement of the 'shell-plasma proximity’, to reduce the deformation of the last close magnetic surface and to improve the self-organized helical plasma regimes. The fulfillment of these requirements implies a major change of the internal components of the machine such as the replacement of the whole first wall, the change of the support system of the stabilizing shell and the modification of the present toroidal support structure to provide the function of vacuum barrier. In combination, other components of the machine will be upgraded, such as magnets and power supply, diagnostic systems and a NBI will be integrated. The paper presents an overview of the engineering design of the new components and highlights the critical aspects of the new torus assembly.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)59 - 62
Number of pages4
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017
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Peruzzo, S., Agostini, M., Agostinetti, P., Bernardi, M., Bettini, P., Bolzonella, T., Canton, A., Carraro, L., Cavazzana, R., Dal Bello, S., Dalla Palma, M., De Masi, G., Delogu, R., Fassina, A., Grando, L., Innocente, P., Marchiori, G., Marconato, N., Marrelli, L., ... Zanotto, L. (2017). Design concepts of machine upgrades for the RFX-mod experiment. Fusion Engineering and Design, 123, 59 - 62.