Detection of gamma-ray emission from the Eta-Carinae region

M. Tavani, S. Sabatini, E. Pian, A. Bulgarelli, P. Caraveo, R.F. Viotti, M.F. Corcoran, A. Giuliani, C. Pittori, F. Verrecchia, S. Vercellone, S. Mereghetti, A. Argan, G. Barbiellini, F. Boffelli, P.W. Cattaneo, A.W. Chen, V. Cocco, F. D'Ammando, E. CostaG. De Paris, E. DelMonte, G. Di Cocco, I. Donnarumma, Y. Evangelista, A. Ferrari, M. Feroci, M. Fiorini, T. Froysland, F. Fuschino, M. Galli, F. Gianotti, C. Labanti, I. Lapshov, F. Lazzarotto, P. Lipari, F. Longo, M. Marisaldi, M. Mastropietro, E. Morelli, E. Moretti, A. Morselli, L. Pacciani, A. Pellizzoni, F. Perotti, G. Piano, P. Picozza, M. Pilia, G. Porrovecchio, G. Pucella, M. Prest, M. Rapisarda, A. Rappoldi, A. Rubini, P. Soffitta, M. Trifoglio, A. Trois, E. Vallazza, V. Vittorini, A. Zambra, D. Zanello, P. Santolamazza, P. Giommi, S. Colafrancesco, L.A. Antonelli, L. Salotti

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We present the results of extensive observations by the gamma-ray AGILE satellite of the Galactic region hosting the Carina nebula and the remarkable colliding wind binary Eta Carinae (η Car) during the period 2007 July-2009 January. We detect a gamma-ray source (1AGL J1043-5931) consistent with the position of η Car. If 1AGL J1043-5931 is associated with the Car system, our data provide the long sought first detection above 100 MeV of a colliding wind binary. The average gamma-ray flux above 100 MeV and integrated over the preperiastron period 2007 July-2008 October is Fγ = (37 ± 5) × 10-8ph cm-2s-1corresponding to an average gamma-ray luminosity of Lγ = 3.4 × 1034erg s-1for a distance of 2.3 kpc. We also report a two-day gamma-ray flaring episode of 1AGL J1043-5931 on 2008 October 11-13 possibly related to a transient acceleration and radiation episode of the strongly variable shock in the system. © 2009. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalAstrophysical Journal
Issue number2 PART 2
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2009
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Tavani, M., Sabatini, S., Pian, E., Bulgarelli, A., Caraveo, P., Viotti, R. F., ... Salotti, L. (2009). Detection of gamma-ray emission from the Eta-Carinae region. Astrophysical Journal, 698(2 PART 2), -.