Electronic structure of Ar

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Polycrystalline MoS2grown by Mo sulphurization was exposed to increasing doses of Ar+ions at 250 eV starting from 2.2 × 1015ions/cm2to 3.92 × 1017ions/cm2. Electronic structure changes were monitored by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Inverse Photolectron Spectroscopy (IPES). No change in the Fermi level position was observed with Ar+dosing. Ion bombardment resulted in a new visible feature at lower binding energy in the Mo3d core level, while the S2p lineshape showed little changes. The formation of a steady state from 2.49 × 1017ions/cm2has been detected. The investigation of the occupied and unoccupied states on the steady-state surface pointed to the simultaneous presence of metallic-like Mo with amorphous MoS2-x.
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JournalApplied Surface Science
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 2017


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