Experimental investigations of LHW-plasma coupling and current drive related to achieving H-mode plasmas in EAST

B.J. Ding, E.H. Kong, M.H. Li, Lei Zhang, W. Wei, M. Wang, H.D. Xu, Y.C. Li, B.L. Ling, Q. Zang, G.S. Xu, X.F. Han, H.L. Zhao, Ling Zhang, L.M. Zhao, H.C. Hu, Y. Yang, L. Liu, A. Ekedahl, M. GonicheR. Cesario, Y. Peysson, J. Decker, V. Basiuk, P. Huynh, J. Artaud, F. Imbeaux, J.F. Shan, F.K. Liu, Y.P. Zhao, X.Z. Gong, L.Q. Hu, X. Gao, H.Y. Guo, B.N. Wan, J.G. Li

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Aimed at high-confinement (H-mode) plasmas in the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), the effect of local gas puffing from electron and ion sides of a lower hybrid wave (LHW) antenna on LHW-plasma coupling and high-density experiments with lower hybrid current drive (LHCD) are investigated in EAST. Experimental results show that gas puffing from the electron side is more favourable to improve coupling compared with gas puffing from the ion side. Investigations indicate that LHW-plasma coupling without gas puffing is affected by the density near the LHW grill (grill density), hence leading to multi-transition of low-high-low (L-H-L) confinement, with a correspondingly periodic characteristic behaviour in the plasma radiation. High-density experiments with LHCD suggest that strong lithiation gives a significant improvement on current drive efficiency in the higher density region than 2 × 1019m-3. Studies indicate that the sharp decrease in current drive efficiency is mainly correlated with parametric decay instability. Using lithium coating and gas puffing from the electron side of the LHW antenna, an H-mode plasma is obtained by LHCD in a wide range of parameters, whether LHW is deposited inside the half-minor radius or not, implying that a central and large driven current is not a necessary condition for the H-mode plasma. H-mode is investigated with CRONOS. © 2013 IAEA, Vienna.
Original languageEnglish
Article number113027
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JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2013
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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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Ding, B. J., Kong, E. H., Li, M. H., Zhang, L., Wei, W., Wang, M., Xu, H. D., Li, Y. C., Ling, B. L., Zang, Q., Xu, G. S., Han, X. F., Zhao, H. L., Zhang, L., Zhao, L. M., Hu, H. C., Yang, Y., Liu, L., Ekedahl, A., ... Li, J. G. (2013). Experimental investigations of LHW-plasma coupling and current drive related to achieving H-mode plasmas in EAST. Nuclear Fusion, 53(11), -. [113027]. https://doi.org/10.1088/0029-5515/53/11/113027