Experimental performance of an indirect type solar fruit and vegetable dryer

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This research paper describes the design and performance of a solar fruit and vegetable dryer developed at Area Energetica, Dipartimento SIRE, Divisione Ingegneria Sperimentale of ENEA-C.R.E. Trisaia. The dryer investigated comprises plastic covered flat plate collectors, drying chamber, and thermally and acoustically insulated pipes joining the two. A series of experiments were conducted on typical summer days in the Policoro (MT) climate during 1989 at ENEA-C.R.E. Trisaia, drying various fruits and vegetables. The limited experience gained with the solar drying system described here indicates that, in essence, the unit is structurally and functionally operative. It has well withstood wind, rain, snow, and sunshine over a period of 3 yr. Likewise, the experimental results suggest that, even under unfavorable fall weather conditions, the unit is able to produce good quality products. Moreover, due to the low investment required, the solar dryer is predestined for applications on small farms. © 1993.
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JournalEnergy Conversion and Management
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