Fiber optic sensors for space missions

Luigi Benussi, Stefano Berardis, Monica Bertani, Stefano Bianco, Michele A. Caponero, Danilo Colonna, Franco L. Fabbri, Ferdinando Felli, Mauro Giardoni, Andrea La Monaca, Bruno Ortenzi, Elisabetta Pace, Massimo Pallotta, Antonio Paolozzi, Sandro Tomassini

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Fiber optic sensors offer several advantages over conventional ones such as the immunity from electromagnetic interferences and the possibility of multiplexing many of them along the same fiber. Such sensors can be used to monitor local deformations on or inside the structures. In the paper will be mentioned techniques that can be used for embedding those sensors into several types of materials and possible applications in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). However the main objective is to show applications is in the field of scientific space experiments where precise position monitoring of particle detectors or of optical instrument can be crucial for the success of the mission. A real time position monitoring system based on fiber optic sensors is presented. The experimental results are compared with a conventional optical technique. © 2003 IEEE.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2003
Externally publishedYes
Event2003 IEEE Aerospace Conference - , United States
Duration: 1 Jan 2003 → …


Conference2003 IEEE Aerospace Conference
CountryUnited States
Period1/1/03 → …


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  • Aerospace Engineering
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Benussi, L., Berardis, S., Bertani, M., Bianco, S., Caponero, M. A., Colonna, D., ... Tomassini, S. (2003). Fiber optic sensors for space missions. Paper presented at 2003 IEEE Aerospace Conference, United States.