First test results on ITER CS model coil and CS insert

N. Martovetsky, D. Bessette, K. Okuno, P. Michael, J. Minervini, A. Radovinsky, M. Takayasu, R. Thome, M. Ricci, T. Ando, T. Isono, T. Kato, H. Nakajima, G. Nishijima, Y. Nunoya, M. Sugimoto, Y. Takahashi, H. Tsuji, R. Maix

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The Inner and Outer modules of the Central Solenoid Model Coil (CSMC) were built by US and Japanese home teams in collaboration with European and Russian teams to demonstrate the feasibility of a superconducting Central Solenoid for ITER and other large tokamak reactors. The CSMC mass is about 120 t, OD is about 3.6 m and the stored energy is 640 MJ at 46 kA and peak field of 13 T. Testing of the CSMC and the CS Insert took place at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) from mid March until mid August 2000. This paper presents the main results of the tests performed.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)359 - 366
Number of pages8
JournalFusion Technology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2001
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Martovetsky, N., Bessette, D., Okuno, K., Michael, P., Minervini, J., Radovinsky, A., ... Maix, R. (2001). First test results on ITER CS model coil and CS insert. Fusion Technology, 39(2), 359 - 366.