Fundamental ion cyclotron resonance heating of JET deuterium plasmas

A.V. Krasilnikov, D. Van Eester, E. Lerche, J. Ongena, V.N. Amosov, T. Biewer, G. Bonheure, K. Crombe, G. Ericsson, B. Esposito, L. Giacomelli, C. Hellesen, A. Hjalmarsson, S. Jachmich, J. Kallne, Yu.A. Kaschuck, V. Kiptily, H. Leggate, J. Mailloux, D. MaroccoM.-L. Mayoral, S. Popovichev, M. Riva, M. Santala, M. Stamp, V. Vdovin, A. Walden

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Radio frequency heating of majority ions is of prime importance for understanding the basic role of auxiliary heating in the activated D-T phase of ITER. Majority deuterium ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) experiments at the fundamental cyclotron frequency were performed in JET. In spite of the poor antenna coupling at 25 MHz, this heating scheme proved promising when adopted in combination with D neutral beam injection (NBI). The effect of fundamental ICRH of a D population was clearly demonstrated in these experiments: by adding ∼25% of heating power the fusion power was increased up to 30-50%, depending on the type of NBI adopted. At this power level, the ion and electron temperatures increased from Ti∼ 4.0 keV and Te∼ 4.5 keV (NBI-only phase) to Ti∼ 5.5 keV and Te∼ 5.2 keV (ICRH + NBI phase), respectively. The increase in the neutron yield was stronger when 80 keV rather than 130 keV deuterons were injected in the plasma. It is shown that the neutron rate, the diamagnetic energy and the electron as well as the ion temperature scale roughly linearly with the applied RF power. A synergistic effect of the combined use of ICRF and NBI heating was observed: (i) the number of neutron counts measured by the neutron camera during the combined ICRF + NBI phases of the discharges exceeded the sum of the individual counts of the NBI-only and ICRF-only phases; (ii) a substantial increase in the number of slowing-down beam ions was detected by the time of flight neutron spectrometer when ICRF power was switched on; (iii) a small D subpopulation with energies slightly above the NBI launch energy was detected by the neutral particle analyzer and γ-ray spectroscopy. © 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.
Original languageEnglish
Article number044005
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JournalPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009
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