Generic Containment: Detailed comparison of containment simulations performed on plant scale

St. Kelm, M. Klauck, S. Beck, H.-J. Allelein, G. Preusser, M. Sangiorgi, W. Klein-Hessling, I. Bakalov, A. Bleyer, A. Bentaib, I. Kljenak, M. Stempniewicz, P. Kostka, S. Morandi, B. Ada Del Corno, C. Bratfisch, T. Risken, L. Denk, Z. Parduba, S. PaciA. Manfredini, A. Silde, P. Juris, J. Jancovic, H.G. Lele, S. Ganju

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One outcome of the OECD/NEA ISP-47 activity was the recommendation to elaborate a 'Generic Containment' in order to allow comparing and rating the results obtained by different lumped-parameter models on plant scale. Within the European SARNET2 project (, such a Generic Containment nodalisation, based on a German PWR (1300 MWel), was defined. This agreement on the nodalisation allows investigating the remaining differences among the results, especially the 'user-effect', related to the modelling choices, as well as fundamental differences in the underlying model basis in detail. The methodology applied in order to compare the different code predictions consisted of a series of three benchmark steps with increasing complexity as well as a systematic comparison of characteristic variables and observations. This paper summarises the benchmark series, the lessons learned during specifying the steps, comparing and discussing the results and finally gives an outlook on future steps.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)165 - 172
Number of pages8
JournalAnnals of Nuclear Energy
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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Kelm, S., Klauck, M., Beck, S., Allelein, H-J., Preusser, G., Sangiorgi, M., ... Ganju, S. (2014). Generic Containment: Detailed comparison of containment simulations performed on plant scale. Annals of Nuclear Energy, 74, 165 - 172.