Gravitational stability and bulk cosmology

Nakia Carlevaro, Giovanni Montani

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We present a discussion of the effects induced by bulk viscosity either on the very early Universe stability and on the dynamics associated to the extreme gravitational collapse of a gas cloud. In both cases the viscosity coefficient is related to the energy density ρ via a power-law of the form ζ = ζ0ρs (where ζ0, s = const.) and the behavior of the density contrast in analyzed. In the first case, matter filling the isotropic and homogeneous background is described by an ultra-relativistic equation of state. The analytic expression of the density contrast shows that its growth is suppressed forward in time as soon as ζ0 overcomes a critical value. On the other hand, in such a regime, the asymptotic approach to the initial singularity admits an unstable collapsing picture. In the second case, we investigate the top-down fragmentation process of an uniform and spherically symmetric gas cloud within the framework of a Newtonian approach, including the negative pressure contribution associated to the bulk viscous phenomenology. In the extreme regime toward the singularity, we show that the density contrast associated to an adiabatic-like behavior of the gas (which is identified by a particular range of the politropic index) acquire, for sufficiently large viscous contributions, a vanishing behavior which prevents the formation of sub-structures. Such a feature is not present in the isothermal-like collapse. We also emphasize that in the adiabatic-like case bulk viscosity is also responsible for the appearance of a threshold scale (equivalent to a Jeans length) beyond which perturbations begin to increase. © 2008 American Institute of Physics.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008
Externally publishedYes
Event4th Italian-Sino Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics - , Italy
Duration: 1 Jan 2008 → …


Conference4th Italian-Sino Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics
Period1/1/08 → …


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Carlevaro, N., & Montani, G. (2008). Gravitational stability and bulk cosmology. Paper presented at 4th Italian-Sino Workshop on Relativistic Astrophysics, Italy.