Hydrogeological study and numerical model of the Suio-Castelforte hydrothermal area (central Italy)

Anna Casale, Michele Saroli, Gaspare Giovinco, Michele Lancia, Matteo Albano, Francesco Zarlenga, Marco Dell'Isola

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A numerical simulation has been performed through the natural geothermal system of Suio-Castelforte (LT) in order to investigate the hydothermal area and assess its geothermal potentiality. Starting from geological and hydrogeological data a 2D conceptual model has been built. For numerical purpose, the latter idealizes and simplifies the natural system. The area has been affected by a temperature gradient, from low to medium enthalpy, related to the Quaternary volcanism. By a FEM (Finite Element Model) method, using the COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS® software, a homogeneous and isotrope media have been assumed, simulating the groundwater flow and simultaneous heat transfer. Using the porous media approach, Darcy and heat transfer laws have been applied in steady-state conditions. The results have been compared with the collected data and bibliography.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)276 - 279
Number of pages4
JournalRendiconti Online Societa Geologica Italiana
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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  • Geology

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