ICRH physics and technology achievements in JET-ILW

P. Jacquet, D. Van Eester, E. Lerche, V. Bobkov, T. Blackman, L. Colas, C. Challis, A. Czarnecka, P. Dumortier, D. Frigione, F. Durodié, L. Garzotti, M. Goniche, J. Graves, Y. Kazakov, K. Kirov, C.C. Klepper, N. Krawczyk, A. Krivska, M. MantsinenI. Monakhov, I. Nunes, J. Ongena, M. Reinke, F. Rimini, W. Zhang

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ICRH was extensively used in the 2015-16 JET-ILW (ITER like wall) experimental campaign; bulk heating together with high-Z impurity chase-out from plasma centre importantly contributed to the good DD fusion performance obtained recently in JET. Power up to 6 MW was launched in H-mode deuterium plasmas and 8 MW during the hydrogen campaign. The ILA was re-installed and contributed positively to the availability of ICRH power. The ILA produces slightly less high-Z impurities than the A2's and the PWI measured via Be line emission on limiters is in the same ballpark. Specific experiments were conducted to optimise ICRH scenarios in preparation for DT in particular the dual frequency scheme, (H)D and (He)D were tested. In addition, it was confirmed that the (D)H scenario is accessible in a ILW environment and the novel 3-ions ICRH scheme was validated experimentally.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 23 Oct 2017
Externally publishedYes
Event22nd Topical Conference on Radio-Frequency Power in Plasmas 2017 - Aix en Provence, France
Duration: 23 Oct 2017 → …


Conference22nd Topical Conference on Radio-Frequency Power in Plasmas 2017
CityAix en Provence
Period23/10/17 → …


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Jacquet, P., Van Eester, D., Lerche, E., Bobkov, V., Blackman, T., Colas, L., Challis, C., Czarnecka, A., Dumortier, P., Frigione, D., Durodié, F., Garzotti, L., Goniche, M., Graves, J., Kazakov, Y., Kirov, K., Klepper, C. C., Krawczyk, N., Krivska, A., ... Zhang, W. (2017). ICRH physics and technology achievements in JET-ILW. Paper presented at 22nd Topical Conference on Radio-Frequency Power in Plasmas 2017, Aix en Provence, France. https://doi.org/10.1051/epjconf/201715702004