Installation, integration and power tests of the new fast ECRH launcher of FTU

S. Garavaglia, E. Alessi, W. Bin, L. Boncagni, A. Bruschi, S. Cirant, G. D'Antona, O. D'Arcangelo, M. Davoudi, D. Farina, L. Figini, R. Ferrero, C. Galperti, G. Gittini, G. Granucci, G. Grosso, F. Iannone, V. Mellera, D. Minelli, A. MoroS. Nowak, G. Ramponi, G. Rocchi, A. Simonetto, C. Sozzi, V. Vitale

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A new ECRH launcher mainly aimed at experiments on MHD stabilization has been recently installed in FTU and integrated with a Real Time controller. The new plug-in antenna is capable of injecting two beams over wide angular ranges, ±40 in toroidal and ±15 < θ < 44 in poloidal direction with fast mirror speed. The power is delivered to the launcher with two additional transmission lines (TL) connected to the existing ECRH system with remotely controlled switches. After the optical alignment of the TLs, a campaign of tests on the steering antenna was made with the launcher ex- and in-vessel. A procedure to calibrate the absolute mirror angular position was developed and successfully used. First high power pulses were carried out on plasma target delivering 2 × 0.3 MW EC power for 200 ms. © 2013 CNR-IFP Instituto di Fisica Plasma.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)998 - 1001
Number of pages4
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Issue number6-8
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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Garavaglia, S., Alessi, E., Bin, W., Boncagni, L., Bruschi, A., Cirant, S., ... Vitale, V. (2013). Installation, integration and power tests of the new fast ECRH launcher of FTU. Fusion Engineering and Design, 88(6-8), 998 - 1001.