Integrating supervision, control and data acquisition—The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility experience

A. Luchetta, G. Manduchi, C. Taliercio, M. Breda, R. Capobianco, F. Molon, M. Moressa, P. Simionato, E. Zampiva

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The ITER Neutral Beam (NBI) Test Facility, under construction in Padova, Italy consists in the ITER full scale ion source for the heating neutral beam injector, referred to as SPIDER, and the full size prototype injector, referred to as MITICA. The Control and Data Acquisition System (CODAS) for SPIDER has been developed and is going to be in operation in 2016. The system is composed of four main components: Supervision, Slow Control, Fast Control and Data Acquisition. These components interact with each other to carry out the system operation and, since they represent a common pattern in fusion experiments, software frameworks have been used for each (set of) component. In order to reuse as far as possible the architecture developed for SPIDER, it is important to clearly define the boundaries and the interfaces among the system components so that the implementation of any component can be replaced without affecting the overall architecture. This work reports the experience gained in the development of SPIDER components, highlighting the importance in the definition of generic interfaces among component, showing how the specific solutions have been adapted to such interfaces and suggesting possible approaches for the development of other ITER subsystems.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)928 - 931
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 15 Nov 2016
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Luchetta, A., Manduchi, G., Taliercio, C., Breda, M., Capobianco, R., Molon, F., ... Zampiva, E. (2016). Integrating supervision, control and data acquisition—The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility experience. Fusion Engineering and Design, 112, 928 - 931.