International multi-tokamak profile database

D. Boucher, J.W. Connor, W.A. Houlberg, M.F. Turner, G. Bracco, A. Chudnovskiy, J.G. Cordey, M.J. Greenwald, G.T. Hoang, G.M.D. Hogeweij, S.M. Kaye, J.E. Kinsey, D.R. Mikkelsen, J. Ongena, D.R. Schissel, H. Shirai, J. Stober, P.M. Stubberfield, R.E. Waltz, J. Weiland

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An international multi-tokamak profile database has been assembled, constituting a representative set of reference tokamak discharges for the purpose of testing local transport models against well documented data. In particular, it will allow one to measure the accuracy with which the models can reproduce experiments and draw confidence intervals for the predictions of the models outside the range covered in the database. This database is now available to the fusion community and may be accessed by anonymous ftp to; the purpose of this article is to describe the structure of the database and the discharges contributing to it so that all can take full advantage of this resource. Thus, after an introductory general discussion of the database, there is a more detailed description of its structure, with listings of variables emphasized and how to access the database. There is then a brief description of each contributing tokamak and information on the type of discharges available from that tokamak. This is followed by a more quantitative description of the data, giving the ranges of dimensional and dimensionless variables available. Some typical modelling results to illustrate the use of the database are given in the conclusion.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1955 - 1981
Number of pages27
JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2000
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Boucher, D., Connor, J. W., Houlberg, W. A., Turner, M. F., Bracco, G., Chudnovskiy, A., ... Weiland, J. (2000). International multi-tokamak profile database. Nuclear Fusion, 40(12), 1955 - 1981.