Investigation of sustainable high-β scenarios in the JT-60SA C-wall

M. Romanelli, P. Aresta-Belo, G. Corrigan, L. Garzotti, D. Harting, F. Koechl, S. Saarelma, S. Wiesen, M. Wischmeier, R. Zagórski, T. Bolzonella, L. Pigatto, J. Garcia, P. Maget, E. De La Luna, N. Hayashi, T. Nakano, S. Ide, M. Yoshida, H. Urano

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One of the main goals of the JT-60SA C-wall is the study of steady-state plasma scenarios characterised by high fractions of bootstrap current, low flux consumption and sustainable divertor heat-loads (advanced scenarios). The feasibility of the above scenarios will depend on the demonstration of simultaneous control of core/SOL/divertor conditions to achieve large core pressure/pressure gradients, and preventing impurity accumulation while ensuring an acceptable power load on the divertor targets. In this paper two scenarios at 2.3 MA, 1.7 T with 30 MW and 17 MW of NBI heating, respectively, and 7 MW of ECRH power were simulated with the integrated suite of core/SOL/divertor codes JINTRAC. Various fuelling rates/locations were investigated and it was found that high values of beta, and acceptable levels of power load on the divertor outer-target, can be achieved without impurity seeding for separatrix densities above 2 × 1019m-3and in conditions of partial divertor detachment. The 0D plasma parameters of the above reduced-power advanced scenario are discussed along with comparison against the reference values of the highest beta scenario in the JT-60SA research plan.
Original languageEnglish
Article number116010
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JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2 Aug 2017
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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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Romanelli, M., Aresta-Belo, P., Corrigan, G., Garzotti, L., Harting, D., Koechl, F., Saarelma, S., Wiesen, S., Wischmeier, M., Zagórski, R., Bolzonella, T., Pigatto, L., Garcia, J., Maget, P., De La Luna, E., Hayashi, N., Nakano, T., Ide, S., Yoshida, M., & Urano, H. (2017). Investigation of sustainable high-β scenarios in the JT-60SA C-wall. Nuclear Fusion, 57(11), -. [116010].