Measurement of the proton spectra from non-mesonic weak decay of

M. Agnello, A. Andronenkov, G. Beer, L. Benussi, M. Bertani, H.C. Bhang, S. Bianco, G. Bonomi, E. Botta, M. Bregant, T. Bressani, S. Bufalino, L. Busso, D. Calvo, P. Camerini, M. Caponero, B. Dalena, F. De Mori, G. D'Erasmo, D. EliaF.L. Fabbri, D. Faso, A. Feliciello, A. Filippi, E.M. Fiore, A. Fontana, H. Fujioka, P. Gianotti, N. Grion, O. Hartmann, B. Kang, A. Krasnoperov, Y. Lee, V. Lenti, V. Lucherini, V. Manzari, S. Marcello, T. Maruta, N. Mirfakhrai, P. Montagna, O. Morra, T. Nagae, D. Nakajima, H. Outa, E. Pace, M. Palomba, A. Pantaleo, A. Panzarasa, V. Paticchio, S. Piano, F. Pompili, R. Rui, M. Sekimoto, G. Simonetti, V. Tereshchenko, A. Toyoda, R. Wheadon, A. Zenoni

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The results of a measurement of the proton spectra following the non-mesonic weak decay of5ΛHe,7ΛLi and12ΛC are presented and discussed. The experiment was performed at the (e+e-) collider DAΦNE at Laboratori Nazionale di Frascati of INFN. It is the first measurement for7ΛLi, and for all the spectra the lower limit on the energy of the protons is 15 MeV, never reached before. All the spectra show a similar shape, namely a peak at around 80 MeV as expected for the free Λ p → n p weak reaction, with a low energy rise that should be due to final state interactions and/or two-nucleon induced weak processes. The decay spectrum of5ΛHe is somehow similar to the ones reported by previous measurements and theoretical calculations, but the same does not happen for the12ΛC one. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)151 - 161
Number of pages11
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number1-4
Publication statusPublished - 15 May 2008
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Agnello, M., Andronenkov, A., Beer, G., Benussi, L., Bertani, M., Bhang, H. C., ... Zenoni, A. (2008). Measurement of the proton spectra from non-mesonic weak decay of. Nuclear Physics A, 804(1-4), 151 - 161.