MEGAPIE spallation target: Irradiation of the first prototypical spallation target for future ADS

Ch. Latge, F. Groeschel, P. Agostini, M. Dierckx, C. Fazio, A. Guertin, Y. Kurata, G. Laffont, T. Song, K. Thomsen, W. Wagner, K. Woloshun

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A key experiment in the Accelerated Driven Systems roadmap, the MEGAwatt PIlot Experiment (MEGAPIE) (1 MW) was initiated in 1999 in order to design and build a liquid lead-bismuth spallation target, then to operate it into the Swiss spallation neutron facility SINQ at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) [1]. This target has been designed, manufactured then setup, fitted with all the ancillary systems, on a Integral test stand in Paul Scherrer Institute for off-beam tests dedicated to thermo-hydraulic and operability tests, carried out during the last months of 2005 then moved to the final implementation in the SINQ facility, with the ancillary systems, for irradiation, carried out from 2006 August 14th to December 21st. The results obtained during the integral tests have shown that the target was well designed for a safe operation and allowed to validate the main procedures related to fill and drain, steady-state operation, and transients due to beam trips. The start-up procedure has been developed, and the operating and control parameters have been defined. Very important results were obtained during irradiation particularly showing the very good operational behavior of the target, the heat exchanger and the Electro-magnetic pumps. Moreover a lot of results in the thermal hydraulic and neutronics fields, gas analysis have been gathered and will allow to validate the design studies and the models used for that. The successful behavior of the target and the results to come about irradiated materials will provide to ADS Community a unique relevant design and operational feedback, paving the way to the development of high power spallation targets for future ADS, option for the transmutation of nuclear wastes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2007
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EventGLOBAL 2007: Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Systems - , United States
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ConferenceGLOBAL 2007: Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Systems
CountryUnited States
Period1/1/07 → …


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Latge, C., Groeschel, F., Agostini, P., Dierckx, M., Fazio, C., Guertin, A., ... Woloshun, K. (2007). MEGAPIE spallation target: Irradiation of the first prototypical spallation target for future ADS. Paper presented at GLOBAL 2007: Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Systems, United States.