Metal recycling from exhausted batteries

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The world production of household batteries amounts to several billions of units per year and the environmental risk associated with uncontrolled disposal of exhausted batteries was increased, therefore from 1991 the Commission of the European Community has developed directives to introduce condition for an efficient recycling of raw materials. From this point of view, recycling technology could be a growing priority for a modern society. Recycling some materials like water, metals, paper and plastics occurs now and to reach this objective we need new techniques for waste treatment before landfill disposal. In fact the final conclusion is that batteries cannot be dumped directly in common landfills, but their separate collection from municipal solid waste and, therefore, recycling materials must be done. Recycling plants operating with economical benefits cannot be effectively realised but it strongly depends on the quality (purity grade) of the recovered products and on the flexibility of the process (how many materials can be treated). From this point of view, the treatment of metal solutions using hydrometallurgical techniques (combination of solvent extraction, selective ion exchange membrane technology) is a well known and efficient method to recover metals from the original sources and from wastes, moreover it can reduce specific energy demand while improving energy efficiency. The main benefits are: complete recovery of metals at high purity; minimisation of wastewater and avoid air emissions.
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Publication statusPublished - 1999
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EventGlobal Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology (REWAS 1999) - , Spain
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ConferenceGlobal Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology (REWAS 1999)
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