Modelling of feedback and rotation stabilization of the resistive wall mode in tokamaks

M.S. Chu, V.S. Chan, M.S. Chance, D.H. Edgell, A.M. Garofalo, A.H. Glasser, S.C. Guo, D.A. Humphreys, T.H. Jensen, J.S. Kim, R.J. La Haye, L. Lao, G.A. Navratil, M. Okabayashi, F.W. Perkins, H. Reimerdes, H.E. St. John, E. Soon, E.J. Strait, A.D. TurnbullM.L. Walker, S.K. Wong

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This paper describes the modelling of the feedback control and rotational stabilization of the resistive wall mode (RWM) in tokamaks. A normal mode theory for the feedback stabilization of the RWM has been developed for an ideal plasma with no toroidal rotation. This theory has been numerically implemented for general tokamak geometry and applied to the DIII-D tokamak. A general formulation is further developed for the feedback stabilization of a tokamak with toroidal rotation and plasma dissipation. It has been used to understand the role of the external resonant field in affecting the plasma stability and compared with the resonant field amplification phenomenon observed in DIII-D. The effectiveness of a differentially rotating resistive wall in stabilizing the RWM has also been studied numerically. It is found that for a non-circular tokamak, a wide range of flow patterns are all effective. The structure of the RWM predicted from ideal MHD theory has been compared with signals from various diagnostics. It is also projected that based on DIII-D results scaled up to the ITER-FEAT, 33 MW of 1 MeV negative neutral beam injection will be able to sustain plasma rotation sufficient to stabilize the RWM without relying on feedback.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)196 - 201
Number of pages6
JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2003
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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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Chu, M. S., Chan, V. S., Chance, M. S., Edgell, D. H., Garofalo, A. M., Glasser, A. H., ... Wong, S. K. (2003). Modelling of feedback and rotation stabilization of the resistive wall mode in tokamaks. Nuclear Fusion, 43(3), 196 - 201.