Nanosecond laser pulses for mimicking thermal effects on nanostructured tungsten-based materials

E. Besozzi, A. Maffini, D. Dellasega, V. Russo, A. Facibeni, A. Pazzaglia, M.G. Beghi, M. Passoni

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In this work, we exploit nanosecond laser irradiation as a compact solution for investigating the thermomechanical behavior of tungsten materials under extreme thermal loads at the laboratory scale. Heat flux factor thresholds for various thermal effects, such as melting, cracking and recrystallization, are determined under both single and multishot experiments. The use of nanosecond lasers for mimicking thermal effects induced on W by fusion-relevant thermal loads is thus validated by direct comparison of the thresholds obtained in this work and the ones reported in the literature for electron beams and millisecond laser irradiation. Numerical simulations of temperature and thermal stress performed on a 2D thermomechanical code are used to predict the heat flux factor thresholds of the different thermal effects. We also investigate the thermal effect thresholds of various nanostructured W coatings. These coatings are produced by pulsed laser deposition, mimicking W coatings in tokamaks and W redeposited layers. All the coatings show lower damage thresholds with respect to bulk W. In general, thresholds decrease as the porosity degree of the materials increases. We thus propose a model to predict these thresholds for coatings with various morphologies, simply based on their porosity degree, which can be directly estimated by measuring the variation of the coating mass density with respect to that of the bulk.
Original languageEnglish
Article number036019
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JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2018
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Besozzi, E., Maffini, A., Dellasega, D., Russo, V., Facibeni, A., Pazzaglia, A., Beghi, M. G., & Passoni, M. (2018). Nanosecond laser pulses for mimicking thermal effects on nanostructured tungsten-based materials. Nuclear Fusion, 58(3), -. [036019].