Native extracellular matrix: A new scaffolding platform for repair of damaged muscle

Laura Teodori, Alessandra Costa, Rosa Marzio, Barbara Perniconi, Dario Coletti, Sergio Adamo, Bhuvanesh Gupta, Attila Tarnok

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Effective clinical treatments for volumetric muscle loss resulting from traumatic injury or resection of a large amount of muscle mass are not available to date. Tissue engineering may represent an alternative treatment approach. Decellularization of tissues and whole organs is a recently introduced platform technology for creating scaffolding materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The muscle stem cell niche is composed of a three-dimensional architecture of fibrous proteins, proteoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans, synthesized by the resident cells that form an intricate extracellular matrix (ECM) network in equilibrium with the surrounding cells and growth factors. A consistent body of evidence indicates that ECM proteins regulate stem cell differentiation and renewal and are highly relevant to tissue engineering applications. The ECM also provides a supportive medium for blood or lymphatic vessels and for nerves. Thus, the ECM is the nature's ideal biological scaffold material. ECM-based bioscaffolds can be recellularized to create potentially functional constructs as a regenerative medicine strategy for organ replacement or tissue repopulation. This article reviews current strategies for the repair of damaged muscle using bioscaffolds obtained from animal ECM by decellularization of small intestinal submucosa (SIS), urinary bladder mucosa (UB), and skeletal muscle, and proposes some innovative approaches for the application of such strategies in the clinical setting. © 2014 Teodori, Costa, Marzio, Perniconi, Coletti, Adamo, Gupta and Tarnok.
Original languageEnglish
Article number218
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JournalFrontiers in Physiology
Volume5 JUN
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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