Neutron measurements in ITER using the radial neutron camera

D. Marocco, B. Esposito, F. Moro

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The Radial Neutron Camera (RNC) is one of the key diagnostic systems of the ITER international fusion experiment. It is designed to measure the uncollided 14 MeV and 2.5 MeV neutrons from deuterium-tritium (DT) and deuterium-deuterium (DD) fusion reactions taking place in the ITER plasma through an array of 45 detectors positioned along collimated lines of sight. Scintillators and diamonds coupled to fast digital acquisition electronics are among the detectors presently considered for the RNC. The RNC will provide spatially resolved measurements of several plasma parameters needed for fusion power estimation, plasma control and plasma physics studies. The line-integrated RNC neutron fluxes are used to evaluate the local profile of the neutron emission (neutron emissivity, s-1m-3) and therefore the total neutron yield and the birth profile of the alpha particles. The temperature profile of the bulk ions can be derived from the Doppler broadened widths of the RNC line-integrated spectra, that also provide insight on the supra-thermal ions produced by the injection in the plasma of electromagnetic waves and neutral particles. The RNC emissivity and temperature measurements can be employed to estimate the composition of the ITER fuel, namely the ratio between the tritium and deuterium densities. Data processing techniques involving spatial inversion and spectra unfolding are necessary to deduce the profile quantities from the line-integrated RNC measurements. The expected performances of the RNC as a diagnostic for the neutron emissivity/ion temperature/fuel ratio profile (measurement range, time resolution, accuracy, precision) have been estimated by means of synthetic data simulating actual RNC measurements. The results of the simulations, together with an overall description of the diagnostic and of the measurement techniques, are presented. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd and Sissa Medialab srl.
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JournalJournal of Instrumentation
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