Neutronic design of the ITER radial neutron camera

L. Petrizzi, R. Barnsley, L. Bertalot, B. Esposito, H. Haskell, E. Mainardi, D. Marocco, S. Podda, C. Walker, S. Villari

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This paper summarizes the work, performed in the frame of various EFDA contracts during 2004-2005, on the design review and upgrade of the ITER radial neutron camera (RNC). The RNC, which should provide information on the spatial distribution and energy spectrum of the neutron emission, consists of an ex-vessel system (fan-like collimator with 12 × 3 lines of sights) and an in-vessel system with further 9 lines for a full coverage of the plasma. A Monte Carlo code (MCNP) has been used for the neutronic calculations. The basic ITER model has been developed from the CATIA drawings to include the RNC with all details relevant for the neutronic analysis. In the model the collimator diameters have been set to 2 and 4 cm, respectively, for the ex-vessel and in-vessel systems. A detailed space dependent fusion neutron source (DD and DT phases in various plasma scenarios) has been used with a consistent ion temperature radial profile. A special variance reduction treatment has been developed so that neutrons reach the far regions in the high collimated neutron beam and score with a satisfying statistical error. Neutron and photon fluxes and spectra have been calculated. Approximately, one neutron out of 1011emitted in all the plasma reaches a single ex-vessel detector. Therefore, for an emission rate of 1.8 × 1020n/s (corresponding to 500 MW fusion power) the flux on the detectors is in the range (1-5) × 108n/(cm2s) depending on the poloidal orientation. The fraction of scattered neutrons (>1 MeV) is lower than few % of the total. A measurement simulation software tool (MSST) performing asymmetric Abel inversion of simulated measured neutron signals has also been developed for line of sight and design optimization. Combining information from MCNP calculations and MSST, it has been possible to evaluate the performance of the RNC, check whether the present design of the RNC meets the measurement requirements and optimize the RNC design. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1308 - 1314
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Issue number5-14
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2007
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Petrizzi, L., Barnsley, R., Bertalot, L., Esposito, B., Haskell, H., Mainardi, E., Marocco, D., Podda, S., Walker, C., & Villari, S. (2007). Neutronic design of the ITER radial neutron camera. Fusion Engineering and Design, 82(5-14), 1308 - 1314.