New selective processing technique for solar cells

M. Balucani, K. Kholostov, P. Nenzi, R. Crescenzi, D. Ciarniello, D. Bernardi, L. Serenelli, M. Izzi, M. Tucci

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A new selective processing technique based on a confined dynamic liquid drop\meniscus is presented. This approach is based on localized wet treatment of silicon wafers using confined and dynamic liquid drop that while in contact with the wafer forms a dynamic liquid meniscus. Such new technique allows to touch in specific defined positions the silicon wafer (front and/or back) in order to perform any kind of wet processing without the need of protective photo-resist. The new selective processing technique allows the metallizations (front and back) of mono and multi crystalline silicon solar cells. The front grid contacts are obtained by locally etching the silicon nitride, forming in a thin layer of meso-porous silicon and totally filling the meso-porous layer by pulse reverse plating a Nickel film. Copper and Tin are then electroplated using the same selective processing. This technology provides an effective solution to avoid silver pastes for front contact grid, as it guarantees low specific contact resistivity (550 μΩcm2on a 75 Ω/□ n-type doped emitter) and good adhesion to the silicon substrate (i.e. greater than 550 g/mm). The Al back side of the solar cell are also treated by the new selective process. Tin is directly deposited on Aluminum back contact showing adhesion higher than silver on silicon (i.e. > 1N/mm). © 2013 The Authors.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)54 - 65
Number of pages12
JournalEnergy Procedia
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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Balucani, M., Kholostov, K., Nenzi, P., Crescenzi, R., Ciarniello, D., Bernardi, D., Serenelli, L., Izzi, M., & Tucci, M. (2013). New selective processing technique for solar cells. Energy Procedia, 43, 54 - 65.