Plasma enhanced hot filament CVD growth of thick carbon nanowall layers

Marco Natali, Daniele Passeri, Marco Rossi, Theodoros Dikonimos, Nicola Lisi

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Carbon nanowalls are carbon nanostructures consisting of arrays of graphitic carbon plates which are mainly positioned perpendicularly to the growth surface. Carbon nanowalls have received considerable interest in recent years, since they are closely related to graphene from the structural point of view, while maintaining an open honeycomb lattice on the nanoscale. They are thus believed to be an interesting electrode material for many applications since they offer high chemical resistance, low electrical resistance and high surface area. In this paper we are presenting a method that allows the growth of thick layers of carbon nanowalls onto flat and porous substrates, both carbon and refractory metal based. Such methods are promising for making electrodes for use in electrochemical devices.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Aug 2017
Event1st NanoInnovation 2016 - Rome, Italy
Duration: 2 Aug 2017 → …


Conference1st NanoInnovation 2016
Period2/8/17 → …


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  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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Natali, M., Passeri, D., Rossi, M., Dikonimos, T., & Lisi, N. (2017). Plasma enhanced hot filament CVD growth of thick carbon nanowall layers. Paper presented at 1st NanoInnovation 2016, Rome, Italy.