Preliminary results of a PV closed greenhouse system for high irradiation zones in South Italy

C. Campiotti, F. Dondi, F. Di Carlo, M. Scoccianti, G. Alonzo, C. Bibbiani, L. Incrocci

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In the frame of the MODEM (a sustainable model of a closed greenhouse system to modernize the protected crop sector in the S-E coast of Sicily) a research project was carried out by ENEA and the preliminary results on the utilization of a stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) system to produce electricity for a prototype of a PV closed greenhouse, are reported. The system was located in a rural area with a large presence of greenhouses (about 9,000 ha), near the town of Ragusa along the S-E coast of Sicily. The site is located near the sea coast (36°50' latitude; 14°31' longitude, 87 m altitude). The PV greenhouse prototype was provided with a standalone (PV) system (1.1 kWpDC peak power) equipped with a battery bank (24 V/ 900 Ah) to store the electric power, as well as an inverter device (24 V DC/230 V AC; 2500 W) to produce AC electricity. The PV arrays were positioned on the roof of the prototype. Performances about the PV energy generation and the supply of electricity for pumping of the installed hydroponics tomato crop are reported. A data logger system was installed in order to record outdoor climatic parameters of temperature, humidity, total and PAR radiation. In addition, another data-logger was used to record power and current measurements, with attention to the daily electricity energy production delivered by the PV arrays, the daily net energy stored in the batteries or discharged from the batteries, and the energy consumed by the available greenhouse loads. Preliminary results of the PV solar system were satisfactory. Total energy consumption of 21 plants during the 120 days of cultivation was of 168 Wh day-1, equivalent to about a total energy demand of 19.48 kWh. The 1.1 kWpPV arrays produced a total energy of about 333.6 kWh in the period of 10 September to 23 December 2008.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Apr 2011
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Campiotti, C., Dondi, F., Di Carlo, F., Scoccianti, M., Alonzo, G., Bibbiani, C., & Incrocci, L. (2011). Preliminary results of a PV closed greenhouse system for high irradiation zones in South Italy.