Preliminary study of DEMO disruptions due to component failures

Tonio Pinna, Danilo N. Dongiovanni, Alfredo Bertocchi, Giuseppe Ramogida, Sergio Ciattaglia

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Plasma disruptions represent the highest hazard for the integrity of plasma facing components in tokamak reactors. Several studies are performed in order to minimize their severity and occurrence or to mitigate their effects in case they happen despite the prevention carried out. In a power plant as DEMO, the disruptions should have low occurrence probability, relying on assumption that proper well qualified plasma scenarios and operative procedures will be identified and followed after ITER and other fusion facilities experimental campaigns. Anyway, the probability of technical failures of components leading to disruptions cannot be assumed low a priori. A specific study has been performed in order to have a first overview on this issue. The applied methodology benefits from a large set of safety and reliability/availability analyses performed in the past for ITER and DEMO. Possible failure modes of the components of DEMO systems are investigated. The main objective has been to highlight the overall failure events that happening during the plasma operations could lead to plasma disruptions or requests of controlled plasma shutdown. Finally, a first estimation of the probability of occurrence of such failure events has been provided on the base of: component failure rates available in literature, estimation of number of similar components in the plant and yearly time of plasma pulse operations.
Original languageEnglish
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JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2018
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