Progress in EU-DEMO in-vessel components integration

F. Cismondi, P. Agostinetti, G. Aiello, J. Aubert, C. Bachmann, W. Biel, L.V. Boccaccini, A. Bruschi, Chr Day, A. Del Nevo, G. Di Gironimo, I. Fernandez, T. Franke, G. Grossetti, F. Hernandez, D. Iglesias, J. Keep, P. Lang, A. Loving, P. NorajitraG. Mazzone, D. Marzullo, B. Ploeckl, R. Mozzillo, D. Rapisarda, P. Sonato, M.Q. Tran, A. Vaccaro, R. Villari, J.H. You, C. Zeile

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In the EU DEMO design (Romanelli, 2012; Federici et al., 2014), due to the large number of complex systems inside the tokamak vessel it is of vital importance to address the in-vessel integration at an early stage in the design process. In the EU DEMO design, after a first phase in which the different systems have been developed independently based on the defined baseline DEMO configuration, an effort has been made to define the interface requirements and to propose the strategies for the mechanical integration of the auxiliary heating and fuelling systems into the Vacuum Vessel and the Breeding Blanket. This work presents the options studied, the engineering solutions proposed, and the issues highlighted for the mechanical in-vessel integration of the DEMO fuelling lines, auxiliaries heating systems, and diagnostics.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)562 - 566
Number of pages5
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017
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Cismondi, F., Agostinetti, P., Aiello, G., Aubert, J., Bachmann, C., Biel, W., Boccaccini, L. V., Bruschi, A., Day, C., Del Nevo, A., Di Gironimo, G., Fernandez, I., Franke, T., Grossetti, G., Hernandez, F., Iglesias, D., Keep, J., Lang, P., Loving, A., ... Zeile, C. (2017). Progress in EU-DEMO in-vessel components integration. Fusion Engineering and Design, 124, 562 - 566.