Radiation activities and application of ionizing radiation on cultural heritage at ENEA Calliope gamma facility (Casaccia R.C., Rome, Italy)

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Since the 1980s, research and qualification activities are being carried out at the60Co gamma Calliope plant, a pool-type irradiation facility located at the Research Centre ENEA-Casaccia (Rome, Italy). The Calliope facility is deeply involved in radiation processing research and on the evaluation and characterization of the effects induced by gamma radiation on materials for different applications (crystals, glasses, optical fibres, polymers and biological systems) and on devices to be used in hostile radiation environment such as nuclear plants, aerospace and high energy physics experiments. All the activities are carried out in the framework of international projects and collaboration with industries and research institutions. In the present work, particular attention will be paid to the cultural heritage activities performed at the Calliope facility, focused on two different aspects: (a) conservation and preservation by bio-deteriogen eradication in archived materials, and (b) consolidation and protection by degraded wooden and stone porous artefacts consolidation.
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