Radiation-Induced Effects in Ethylene - Propylene Copolymer with Antioxidant

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Infrared absorption spectroscopy and electron spin resonance have been used to investigate the gamma radiation effect on ethylene-propylene co-polymer loaded with an antioxidant characterized by an -NH functional group. The shape of the infrared oxidation profiles is not affected by the antioxidant content, and the dependence on thickness and dose rate is in good agreement with the Gillen and Clough model. The infrared profiles are also used to investigate the distribution of the grafted chains across the plate of ethylene-propylene co-polymer without antioxidant. The influence of dose rate and oxygen has been studied by electron spin resonance. The interactions of polymeric free radicals with the antioxidant lead to the formation of R-NO° stable radicals. The post-irradiation time evolution and the behaviour of the oxidation products have been studied.
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JournalACS Symposium Series
Publication statusPublished - 1996
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