Realization of a Magnetically Compensated Extraction Grid for performance improvement of next generation NBI

Daniele Aprile, P. Agostinetti, C. Baltador, J. Hiratsuka, M. Ichikawa, M. Kashiwagi, A. Kojima, N. Marconato, E. Sartori, G. Serianni, P. Veltri, M. Yoshida, G. Chitarin

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A common problem of the multi-beamlet, negative-ion based Heating Neutral Beam (HNB) Injectors presently used in fusion research, is the undesired deflection of negative ions due the permanent magnets embedded in the Extraction Grid (EG) for the suppression of the unwanted co-extracted electrons. A new solution has been recently developed at Consorzio RFX, which makes use of an additional set of permanent magnets, also embedded in the EG, with a series of advantages in terms of performances and versatility with respect to the traditional electrostatic compensation. This solution is now the new standard for ITER. After a thorough validation of the design by different numerical models, it was decided to experimentally test this solution for the first time on the Negative Ion Test Stand (NITS) at National Institute for Quantum and Radiological science and technology (QST), in Japan, within the framework of a scientific cooperation agreement between QST and Consorzio RFX. To this purpose, an EG having an ITER-like profile and compatible with NITS accelerator was designed and constructed at Consorzio RFX. This paper describes the design solutions adopted for this grid and its related permanent magnets, the construction phase, and a brief report on the first experimental results.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)400 - 405
Number of pages6
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2017
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Aprile, D., Agostinetti, P., Baltador, C., Hiratsuka, J., Ichikawa, M., Kashiwagi, M., Kojima, A., Marconato, N., Sartori, E., Serianni, G., Veltri, P., Yoshida, M., & Chitarin, G. (2017). Realization of a Magnetically Compensated Extraction Grid for performance improvement of next generation NBI. Fusion Engineering and Design, 123, 400 - 405.